Are there additional costs?

No the paid version of AssayFit Pro allows unlimited use of AssayFit Pro for the agreed period. Templates and Excel add-in are free.

Support Included?

Yes support for use of the software and service is free. Support for basic branding and placing an AssayFit Pro iframe on your website is available at a limited fee.

Can I have multiple API keys at the same time

Yes you can use multiple keys at the same time. You can use a free key together with a paid key. If you obtain a group key you can share your key with all your colleagues from one company.

Can I change my key to an easier to use key

Yes you can change your key to a human friendly key at https://keys.assayfit.com

What about Refunds?

You can test our product using a free key. If after use you are not happy with the use of the product we will refund your purchase.

Can a CSV file be used

Yes you can use data in a CSV file. The easest is to open your CSV file with Microsoft Excel or Libreoffice and use the Excel add-in to process the data. You can select regions to use or you can make a plate layout.

Can I place AssayFit Pro on my website

Yes you can serve a branded web page of AssayFit Pro within an iframe on your website. Branding is available on https://www.assaycloud.com/assayfit-pro-company-branding

Branding is not a key but it is the change of Assayfit Pro templates with your company look in order to enable your customers to use Assayfit Pro.

What fit functions can be used

AssayFit Pro uses built in functions linear, linear Passing Bablok, 2nd order polynomial, 3rd order polynomial, 4 parameter logistic, 5 parameter logistic, point to point and spline functions. If you need a different function you can always contact Assayfit Pro if this is possible. The function list is available through the following API call.


FAQ didnt solve your problem?

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