Assayfit Pro ELISA online curve fitting and calculation

online ELISA assay results calculator

Perform online curve fitting and calculation of your ELISA assay data using this page using AssayFit Pro version 5.3.1 You can use this service for free 15 times each day. Click here to read the terms for use and distribution.
Alternatively use the Microsoft Excel add-in to perform the calculation. Previous version 5.2 Check the menu for other online options and previous versions.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Paste ELISA results here

Enter your ELISA data in the spreadsheet like table below, you can copy and paste from Excel. Optional: you can subtract blank values or normalize, select this from the options menu.

ELISA layout and sample IDs

Select a region and click the B, C, S, CAL buttons to fill the region with blank, control, sample or calibrator values. You can use the S>, Rv buttons to specify the direction of the filling process and the number of replicates. Sample IDs are kept on your local computer and are not sent over the internet.

Sample dilution

Curve fit input values

You can copy the values from Excel, enter them manually or use the 'Cals from layout' button to copy all calibrator values marked with CAL- from the layout.

Curve fit settings




Run ID
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ELISA data analysis results

Fit Summary

Calibration curve


Sample ID




Conc x Dilution

Fit output