assayfit pro features


Fit Functions

  • Linear curve fitting
  • Linear Passing-Bablok regression
  • Linear Deming regression
  • 4PL Four parameter logistic
  • 5PL Five parameter logistic
  • Enzyme kinetics Michaelis-Menten
  • Second order polynomial
  • Third order polynomial
  • Point to point (cubic spline)
  • Univariate spline
  • your own fit function (inquire)

Fit Input parameters

  • x and y data
  • Weights
  • Custom start values
  • Apply fit limits
  • fit function
  • Extrapolate
  • Calculate unknown y value from
  • calibration curve
  • Calculate unknown x value from
  • calibration curve
  • 96 well input
  • Plate layout
  • Sample ID

Output parameters

  • xdata (your standard x values)
  • ydata (your standard y values)
  • residuals
  • weights
  • parameter start values
  • parameters after optimisation
  • SD or upper an lower limit of the
  • parameters (for some functions)
  • weighted sum of squares
  • correlation coefficient (for linear fits)
  • Calibration curve limits
  • yknown values (values of which you known the y value and want to calculate the fitted x value)
  • x values calculated from y values
  • xknown values (values of which you know the x value and want to calculate the fitted y value
  • y calculated from xknown values
  • x coordinates of the fit curve (100)
  • y coordinates of the fit curve (100)


  • Javascript curve fitting
  • Standard curve Excel
  • Dose response curve excel
  • Polynomial regression Excel
  • Excel automation example
  • Nonlinear regression in r
  • Curve fit python
  • C# curve fitting
  • template
  • (linear) regression java
  • Any other sofware which can send http get and post commands

Cross platform use

  • Excel Add-in for Mac OS and Windows
  • Libreoffice – Openoffice templates from Mac Os, Windows and Linux.
  • Software API to create your own software
  • Online curve fitting tool


  • Support over email and phone (only if required)
  • Help with creating templates or software (inquire)
  • Company branding
  • Free trial of full service